ITG is a Technology Support company.

What does that mean?  Think of us as an extension of your in-house IT staff. We can take on those extra IT tasks that your company may not have the resources, the time, or the staff to handle in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner.

ITG actively partners with other successful companies in the software world to better address client needs. By working together and combining skill sets, we can deliver solutions to clients faster and at a lower cost.

ITG has been in the technology support business since 1989 and has developed a wide range of technology support tools and skills.  We can provide technology support in several areas.  Some of the most popular tools are described in more detail below.

Do you need to process more than 100 vendor invoices daily?

Is it taking too long to process those vendor invoices?

Are you missing out on trade discounts?

Is the cost of processing vendor invoices becoming a problem?

The goal of A/P Pro is to eliminate the need for A/P staff members to spend time processing transactions which match correctly.  This allows them to spend more time working with those transactions that have problems or that need research.

A/P Pro simplifies the processing of accounts payable invoices by providing 3-way matching intelligence.  Vendor invoices are compared against the purchase order and the receiver(s).  If all three documents have the same information (items ordered, items received, items billed, cost per unit, etc.), the transaction is flagged as “Approved for Payment”.  If there is any mis-match between those documents, the transaction is flagged as “Needs Review”.  

The goal of A/P Pro is to eliminate the need for A/P staff members to spend time processing transactions which match correctly.  

A/P Pro works with any accounting software package that can import and export .csv files, including Great Plains, Dynamics GP, Business Central, QuickBooks, and many more.  No changes are needed to the existing accounting software.  

  • Speed up the processing of accounts payable invoices
  • Reduce the cost per invoice of processing accounts payable invoices
  • Process more invoices is less time with no increase in headcount
  • Improve cash flow by taking trade terms discounts
  • Build better relationships with vendors by paying promptly

Our Archived Court Reporter Notes app is the most widely used service for court reporters to upload copies of their notes to the Courts.  First developed for the Los Angeles County Superior Court in 1989, it is used by more than 25 of the largest Superior Courts and by more than 80% of the official court reporters in California alone.  

ITG has worked with small and mid-sized airports for a number of years and has developed a number of apps specifically targeted to airport management issues.

Our most recent release is a cloud-based app that allows passengers in an airport to quickly and easily obtain information about hours of service, contact telephone numbers, security,  airline counters, rental cars, parking, TSA, shopping, and concessions in the airport.

aeroMETRICS is a new app that provides access to the DOT Airline Passenger data.  This app is designed for and priced for small to mid-sized airports and is available on a subscription basis.

ITG has more than 30 years of experience providing document management solutions. We can assist with both in-house imaging systems and cloud-based document management systems.  We can also assist with the scanning of old paper files for long-term archival of important business records.