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ITG provides a variety of technology tools for airport management. All of our apps are cloud-based, so you can access your data in the office or in the field. Our design team can deploy new apps to meet your specific requirements quickly and at minimal cost. The following is a sampling of the technology tools and apps that are currently available or are under development.
  • aeroMETRICS, the newest way to access DOT Airline passenger data
  • airPORT, a complete cloud-based management system for an airport management office
  • Data and document management apps to automatically capture, store, and index email and email attachments
  • Security apps to track authorizations, permitted access areas, violations, key card numbers, and other security related challenges
  • Fueling operations apps to capture, analyze, and report on the activities, inventory levels, and profitability of fueling operations
  • Parking apps to capture, analyze, and report on the activities, turnover rates, and profitability of parking lot operations
  • Concession apps capture, analyze, and report on the sales activities, financial commitments, lease terms, and other financial reporting requirements of a concession operator
  • Traveler Mobile Information app, which provides immediate, easily accessible information about an airport’s services and amenities, including open / close time for airline counters, TSA operating hours, contact information for airport security, airline web page access, and much more.  This app is fully customizable for each airport.  It can be accessed as a web page or from a QR code in the airport.

Here’s some additional information on our primary airport management tool:

airPORT is a set of powerful technology tools for airport management.  It is completely cloud-based, so there is no new hardware required.  All your files are available on your desktop when you are in the office or on a mobile device when you are away from the office.  Your files are always available, no matter where you are!

airPORT contains a variety of modules to help with every aspect of airport management.  All modules work together in one seamless process.  Benefits include reducing the amount of paper that needs to be stored in the office, creating a secure archival backup copy of all important documents, and making documents easily accessible to all authorized users, whether in the office or in the field. Powerful security tools ensure the privacy of all documents and data.

Currently available modules include:

  • Documents: The Documents module includes tools to manage, archive, retrieve, and share documents of all types.  Powerful search tools are included.  New documents can be uploaded or added by “drag and drop”.  Paper documents can be scanned into the system using any popular scan-to-PDF scanning software.  This includes in-bound email, grant requests, FAA documents, master plans, capital improvement plans, air service studies, tenant issues, and more.
  • Email: The Email module is a powerful email management tool which allows users to search for emails by sender, by date, by subject, by text within the email, or even by the name of an attachment.
  • Security: The Security module includes tools to manage and control security issues, such as access to secure areas, lists of permissions and authorizations, authorized personnel, violation tracking, and more.
  • Employees: The Employee module contains tools to manage and track employees or other people needing access to areas in the airport.  Tools include managing employee information, authorizations, permissions, assignments, time spent on tasks, and other similar function.
  • Maintenance: The Maintenance module provides tools to manage airport maintenance issues.  Both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks can be managed with this module.  Time spent on each task can be tracked and recorded.
  • Vendors: The Vendor modules includes tools to manage vendors at the airport.  Contracts, billing, security, and other vendor related tasks can all be managed through this module.
  • Tenants: The Tenant module contains tools to manage airport tenants.  Leases, billing, maintenance issues, security issues, and other tenant related tasks can be managed.

Key Benefits Include:

100% Cloud-based
  • No hardware or software to buy, install, or maintain
  • No changes to your existing network
  • Easily store millions of pages on-line
  • Access your files in the office or in the field
Automatically Process Email
  • In-bound email can be captured and processed automatically
  • In-bound email can be forwarded to other users automatically
  • Search email by sender, date, subject, or text content
Easy to Share Documents
  • Archived documents can be made accessible to everyone
  • Almost no limit to the type or size of documents
  • Extensive security to ensure the privacy of the documents
Powerful Search Tools
  • Comprehensive and powerful search tools available
  • Add as many index key words as are necessary
  • Retrieve any document in less than 5 seconds
Drag and Drop Files
  • Drag and drop files into the archive
  • Almost no limit to the file types that can be added
  • Simple user interface minimizes training requirements
Scan and Store Files
  • Use any popular scan-to-PDF scanning software
  • Drag and drop scanned PDF files to the archive
  • Scan and store documents of any size or type