Today, more and more companies are able to capture their documents in electronic format.  This significantly reduces the amount of paper that a business must store.

However, one challenge that still remains is what to do with all of the old paper files from previous years?

For clients who still have lots of old paper files that must be retained for tax and legal purposes, ITG provides “scan to PDF” services.

We scan a total of more than 1 million pages annually in our two scanning facilities. We pick up the closed files to be scanned, clean and process the files, and then scan them on high speed scanners. The images are then converted into standard PDF format.

Once the PDF files have been created, they are copied onto CD media for long term storage, or sent via an FTP transfer directly to your network.

If your company is paying for off-site storage, it may be cheaper to have the files scanned and converted to PDFs. Even if the cost of storage was the same as scanning, it is important to consider the business value of electronic storage.  With PDFs, you have a complete backup copy of the files.  The files are instantly available, protected from any loss or damage, and in a format that can be used easily. Having the files in PDF format is really a form of business insurance.

An Example of the Costs:

Let’s say you have 100 boxes in an off-site storage unit and that the storage unit costs $200/month. Assuming an average of 1,500 pages per box, the cost of scanning will be about $7,500. That is a savings of $4,500 over a 5 year period that the records will be stored.

  • Monthly storage cost:                   $     200.00
  • Annual storage cost:                     $  2,400.00
  •   5 years of storage:                     $12,000.00
  •     Cost of scanning to PDF:        $  7,500.00
  •     Savings over 5 year period:    $  4,500.00

Why ITG?

ITG has been in the digital imaging business since 1987. Our clients include NexTel, Office Depot, Century 21, the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Boeing, Scripps Hospitals, and many more. We scan files for real estate, escrow, CPAs, law firms, and many other types of businesses.

Digital Storage Options

We can deliver the digital files in whatever format you prefer. Scanned files can be copied onto CDs, viewed on the web, or uploaded to your network.

Less Expensive Than Storage

Comparing the cost of off-site storage for 5 years to the cost of scanning, scanning is often a cheaper long term solution.

Advantages of PDF Files

Each paper file becomes one PDF file.  PDF files can be make “text searchable”.   PDF files can be viewed, copied, printed, or sent out as an email.

We Do All the Work

We pick up the files. We prepare the files for scanning. We scan the files. We index the files. We do the quality control checks. We deliver the data back to you. Your people are busy. Why waste their time with scanning projects?

Standard PDF Format

All files are scanned and stored as standard PDF files. The files can be made text searchable. The PDF files can be instantly retrieved, printed, faxed, or emailed.

Compliant Format

Storing files in digital format is fully compliant with the DOC, DRE, HUD, IRS, and all other government requirements for records retention.

Simple, Easy

  • No monthly fees
  • No long term contracts
  • Scan once – use forever
  • Approved by DOC, DRE, HIPPA, IRS

From 22 boxes…

…to 3 CDs!