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Our tech team has many years of experience in capturing data from one system, re-formatting it as necessary, and piping the data on to a target system for further processing.

Virtually any type of data can be captured, including XML, JSON, CSV, fixed-width, human-readable, print stream, and many other formats. It can be convert to the appropriate format, then delivered to virtually any type of destination – printers, industrial equipment, pagers, mobile devices, email, custom web interface, etc.

With our “pipelines”, data can be seamlessly captured, processed, and formatted as needed, then passed on to virtually any type of device, software, or destination.

A/R example:

Let’s say you sell some type of product, auto parts, or ready mix concrete, or flowers, or any thing else that needs to be delivered quickly to your clients. As the invoices are printed for the day’s orders, that information can be captured from the print stream and a text alert sent to the customer letting them know their product is on its way. At the same time, a copy of the invoice can be sent as an email directly to the client.

Signature Capture example:

When the delivery is made, if a customer signature is captured, the signature can be sent back and embedded in the electronic copy of the invoice on your company’s server as a proof of delivery.

Route Mapping example:

Data from the invoice print stream can also be captured, the customer information parsed and extracted, and then passed on to a routing or mapping software application to provide the driver with the most efficient routing possible.

A/P example:

Vendor invoices can be scanned and the data collected. If the data matches the original purchase order, it is sent on to the check processing module. If there are questions, the data is sent to the appropriate individual for further review.