paper files

For clients who need a quick and easy way to store large volumes of documents, ITG provides a cloud-based image capture service called C5i.

C5i provides a wide variety of powerful image capture, indexing, and retrieval tools.  Virtually any type of file, including PDFs, images, and videos, can be captured and stored.

C5i works with virtually any available “scan to PDF” software that can scan a paper file and convert the image to a PDF.

Once the file is in electronic format, it can be added to the C5i database by simply “dragging and dropping”.

Extensive indexing tools are available to provide quick access to any document, image, or video when it is needed.

As a cloud-based app, no new hardware is needed.   Users are connected to a secure web page and can then upload, view, print, or download images as needed.

Each night, multiple redundant backup copies are created of all files, indexes, and images to ensure the nothing is ever lost.

C5i imaging has been in use for nearly 10 years is constantly being updated and improved.

Access to C5i imaging is on a monthly service fee basis.  Monthly service fees for up to 5 users and up to 20G of storage start at only $295.00 per month.

If you would like to try C5i imaging to see how it works and how easy it is to use, we would be happy to set up a 30 day, no-cost trial account.  You will have full access to all the features and functions of C5i.

To get started with your free 30 day trial, click here.


We are pleased to annouce the availability of Release 3.0 of the C5i document management software. Building on the data managment tools and features in the two previous releases, Release 3.0 adds many new capabilities, such as the ability to access the data from mobile devices. Like the earlier releases, C5i imaging is totally cloud-based. There is no need for any local in-office server hardware. Documents can be captured directly from the print stream, by scanning, by uploading, or by simply “dragging and dropping”. All documents are stored as standard PDF images. There is an unlimited amount of indexing information that can be attached to any page or to any document.

  • Works with virtually any accounting software
  • Works with Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac
  • Requires no in-house server hardware
  • Is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Captures documents directly from the print stream or by “drag and drop”
  • Any available scanning software can be used, including Scandall and Adobe
  • All images are stored as standard PDF files
  • Unlimited number of contacts can be stored for each client
  • Text alerts can be sent automatically when a delivery leaves the store
  • Photos can be uploaded into the system and stored with the document
  • Invoices and statements can be send to clients automatically
  • Low monthly service fee

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