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ITG is a “technology support” company.  What does that mean?  Think of us as an extension of, or even a replacement for, your in-house IT staff. We can take on those extra IT tasks that your company may not have the resources, the time, or the staff to handle in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner.

ITG has been in the technology business since 1989 and has developed a wide range of technology support skills.  We can provide technology support in several areas.

Document management

ITG has many years of experience providing document management solutions. We can assist with in-house imaging systems, cloud-based document management systems, and scanning of old paper files for long-term archival of important business records.

Mobile app development

Working with both iOS and Android devices, our programmers can assist in the design, development, and deployment of mobile apps.  Whether your need is for an in-house app for your company, or for an app that can be added on to a product you are marketing, we can help.  Keep up with the competition.

Web page design and hosting

With an extensive background in designing eye-catching and informative business web sites using WordPress, our design team can bring your business to the web. Your web site is the window through which the world sees your business.  We can create entirely new web sites, or clean up and modernize existing web sites that are starting to look old and out of date.

Data conversion

Need to grab data from one system and use it as input into a different system? Our programmers have many years of experience building “data pipelines” to move data seamlessly from where it is to where it is needed.  Eliminate the time, cost, and effort of manually re-keying data by using our data conversion services.

For information about how we can help with your company’s IT projects, please give us a call.

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