Scanning is Cheaper than Storing
If your company is paying for offsite storage, it may be cheaper to have the files scanned and converted into PDF files. While the monthly cost of storage may not seem like much, over the 5 to 7 year period that the files must be stored, the cost can be significant.

Even if the cost of storage was the same as scanning, it is important to consider the business value of having the paper files converted into PDF files. This makes the files instantly available when needed, protected from loss or theft or from damage from heat or dampness, and in a format that is easy for everyone to use. Converting the paper files to PDFs creates a sort of "business insurance policy" by protecting an important business asset, your documents.

Storing the documents in electronic format:
Reduces or eliminates the cost of off-site storage
Reduces the amount of paper that must be stored in the offices
Increases the security of confidential documents
Eliminates lost or misplaced documents
Prevents environmental damage to documents
Provides a way to instantly locate and email documents to a client

An Example of the Cost Savings
Let's say you have 100 boxes in an offsite storage facility and that the monthly storage fee is $200. Over the 5 years that the files need to be stored, the total storage cost will be $12,000. Assuming an average of 1,500 pages per box, at 5 cents per page, the cost to scan the files, convert them to PDFs, and copy them onto CDs will be about $7,500. The total cost savings is $4,500.

Monthly Storage Cost:       $200
Annual Storage Cost:   $2,400
5 Years of Storage: $12,000
Cost of Scanning to PDFs:   $7,500
Total Savings:   $4,500

"One day I received in the mail what turned out to be a godsend, a letter from Imaging Technology Group.  It said that they could very effectively and at very little cost transfer all our real estate and escrow files onto CDís and save a ton of space and storage problems.  They have done just that and I couldnít be happier, with a set of 6 CDís for all my real estate files and a set of 3 for the escrow files.  I keep a set in the office and a set at home.  Yes, they provide 2 sets of CDís.  The paper files?  They shred them for me."
                                                                                         -- Derek Wood, Broker, Century 21 Home Realtors, Chino, CA