Why Store Files as PDFs?

Why ITG? We Do All The Work Standard PDF Files
ITG has been in the digital imaging business since 1987. Our clients include the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the Orange County Superior Court, NexTel, Office Depot, Scripps Hospital, Century 21, and many more. We scan files for real estate, escrow, title, CPA firms, law firms, hospitals, cities, counties, HR departments, and many others. We pick up the files. We prepare the files for scanning. We scan the files. We index the files. We convert the files to PDFs. We do the quality control checks. We deliver the PDF files back to your office. Your people are busy. Why waste their time with scanning tasks? All files are scanned and conveted into standard PDF file format. PDF files can be make text searchable so that data can be quickly found. PDF files can be printed, faxed, or emailed,just like any other electronic file. PDF files can be password protected for additional security.
Improved Security Cheaper Than Storage Digital Storage Options
Storing files in digital PDF format gives authorized users instant access to the information, while keeping the files safe from any unauthorized access, from loss or theft, and from damage by heat or dampness. Storing files in digital PDF format is less expensive than paying for off-site storage. Comparing the cost of off-site storage for 5 years to the cost of scanning, scanning is often the cheaper long term solution. Scanned files can be copied onto CDs, viewed on a secure server on the web, or transfered to your server using FTP. We can deliver the digital files in whatever format you prefer.
Confidentiality Text Searchable Compliance
We often work with files that contain very confidential data. We have strict proceedures in place to ensure that all data is kept secure. Once the CDs have been created, all data is scrubbed from our servers. PDF files can also be password protected for additional security. PDF files can be made text searchable. This allows you to quickly find every page where a given word, name, or phrase ocurrs, eliminating the need to scroll through the entire file. Storing files in digital format is fully compliant with the requirements of the DOC, DRE, HUD, IRS, and all other government rules for records retention.