We Change Paper Files Into PDF Files
For more than 20 years, ITG has been providing Scan-to-CD services to our clients throughout Southern California and across the nation. Our goal is to help successful businesses reduce the cost of storing paper files.

Why Change Paper Files into PDF Files?
Minimize office storage space requirements
Eliminate off-site storage costs
Provide instant access to the documents
Protect the documents from loss or damage
Create multiple backup copies of the documents
22 boxes to 3 CDs!
If your office is located in Southern California, we can come to your office and pick up the closed files to be scanned. No one has to do anything to get the files ready. We will take them just as they are.

Each closed file is converted into one multi-page PDF file. The PDF files are usually named with whatever file name is written on the file folder itself.

After the scanning and quality control checks have been completed, the files are copied onto CDs. The CDs are then returned to your office. We make two copies of each CD, so one can be kept in the office and one can be stored in a safe off-site location.
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After scanning, the paper files can be returned to your office or they can be shredded for security. We have a certified destruction service that cross-shreds the files.

The cost of this service will vary a little, depending upon the amount of work that must be done to get the papers ready to scan and the total number of boxes that will be scanned. In general, the cost for scanning typical business files is about 5 cents per page, depending upon the volume. Each CD set, which consists of one original CD plus one duplicate CD, is $25.00.

For purposes of determining how much a project will cost, we use an estimate of approximately 2,000 pages per bankerís box or per 18Ē of filing space. About 7 bankerís boxes, or roughly 15,000 pages, will fit on one CD.

We are happy to scan as many or as few boxes as would be helpful. For most of our real estate and escrow clients, we suggest starting with the current yearís closed files and the closed files for the previous year. Once that is done, a decision can be made as to whether or not to scan the older files.

If you would like a free sample CD, we can take 2 or 3 closed files, scan them, and copy them onto a sample CD for you to review. This will give you an opportunity to see what the final product will look like before making any committments.

"One day I received in the mail what turned out to be a godsend, a letter from Imaging Technology Group.  It said that they could very effectively and at very little cost transfer all our real estate and escrow files onto CDís and save a ton of space and storage problems.  They have done just that and I couldnít be happier, with a set of 6 CDís for all my real estate files and a set of 3 for the escrow files.  I keep a set in the office and a set at home.  Yes, they provide 2 sets of CDís.  The paper files?  They shred them for me."
                                                                                         -- Derek Wood, Broker, Century 21 Home Realtors, Chino, CA