Go Green with Document Imaging
Protecting our environment is a top priority for everyone. Most companies operate their businesses in a much more environmentally friendly was today than they did 10 or 20 years ago.

One easy way your company can become greener is to reduce the amount of paper being used.

Document imaging eliminates as much as 70% of the paper that a business uses. We can copy all your closed paper files onto CDs as standard PDF files. Anything that you are currently storing on paper can be converted into an easy-to-use PDF.

When information from an old file is needed, it is instantly available, right from your desktop. No more making extra copies. No more losing pages. No more searching through boxes.

Not only does this help the environmnet, it also reduces the cost of running your business. Less time is needed to file, copy, organize, and store paper documents. Your costs go down. Your green goes up. It is a win/win solution.

Converting your closed paper files to PDFs will:
Make files instantly available to authorized users
Protect files from loss or damage
Create a backup copy of important files 
Provide greater data security
Reduce the amount of paper used
Make your business greener