Scan-to-CD FAQs
1. What is “Scan to CD”?
It means scanning your paper files, converting them into PDFs, and then copying them onto CDs
It is a way to protect your business by ensuring that your files will always be available when needed
2. What are the benefits?
Reduces paper storage, minimizing cost and clutter
Protects your files from loss, theft, or environmental damage
Provides instant access to important documents
Works with any PC and does not require any special software
Does not require an Internet connection
3. How does it work?
ITG picks up the closed files to be scanned
The files are logged in, cleaned, scanned on high speed scanners in our data center
The scanned images are converted into PDF files
The PDF files are copied onto one or more CDs
The completed CDs are returned to you
4. What about the paper files?
  The paper files can be returned to your office or shredded by our certified destruction company
5. How much paper do I have?
A standard banker’s box will hold between 1,500 and 2,000 pages
For each 12” in a file cabinet or shelf, there are about 1,000 pages
6. How much does it cost?
Most scanning projects will be about 5 cents per image
This assumes that the files are reasonably clean and that the paper is in good condition
The higher the volume, the lower the cost. Discounts are available for quantities over 100 boxes
7. Is it legal?
  Storing business records in electronic format is fully compliant with the DOC, DRE, and IRS regulations
      DOC – Title 10, Section 1737.3
      DRE – Section 2729.0
8. I already have an imaging system
  We can scan your files and format them for import into your existing imaging system. This eliminates the need for your staff to spend time scanning.
9. How do I get started?
  Just give us a call! (949) 727-2001