Customer Comments
For more than 20 years, ITG has provided business solutions for commercial, not-for-profit, and government sector clients all across the United States.  Here are a few comments from our customers.
  "One day I received in the mail what turned out to be a godsend, a letter from Imaging Technology Group.  It said that they could very effectively and at very little cost transfer all our real estate and escrow files onto CDís and save a ton of space and storage problems.  They has done just that and I couldnít be happier, with a set of 6 CDís for all my real estate files and a set of 3 for the escrow files.  I keep a set in the office and a set at home.  The paper files?  They shred them for me."
Century 21 Home Realtors, Chino, CA
  "Several years ago the Los Angeles Superior Court decided to attempt to create a new program for the electronic storage of court reporter notes. ITG both created, installed and supported our new program which was the first of its kind in the country. They are always there when needed and have updated and expanded the program successfully."
Los Angeles County Superior Court, Los Angeles, CA
  Our court reporters find ACORN to be a very easy program to understand. The reduction in time to mark paper notes and retrieve them, as well as the reduction in the amount of floor space required make ACORN a Records Manager's dream come true!."
Orange County Superior Court, Santa Ana, CA
  "The document imaging system has changed our business beyond words. The document search capabilities are invaluable. People wonder what they did before fax machines, and we wonder how we functioned before document imaging. It is user friendly and it pays for its self ten times over. It is WELL worth the investment."
J & B Materials, El Cajon, CA
  "I can't believe how easy the software is to use. It was really the only software I have used that was ready right out of the box. It has never been easier to look up invoices or pick tickets, no more looking through stuffed file cabinets for an invoice only to discover it is not there. With the document imaging software, the invoice is always there when we need it."
A. H. Bennett Company, Minneapolis, MN
  "The ocument imaging system has considerably reduced costs and labor while projecting a more efficient and professional company."
Kuiken Brothers Company, Fairlawn, NJ
  "Implementing IMIGITtm was a definite win for us. The product truly is out of the box ready. We realized immediate labor savings. We were able to free up 2 full time equivalents in the first month. Our customer statement processing time was reduced from ten days to two. The support from ITG is exemplary."
Ed Herrington's, Hillsdale, NY
  "We used to have two full-time people sorting and compiling invoices every day, and it took three days to complete the end-of-month process. Today, with document imaging, we simply print the statements and invoices together, on the laser printer. There is no more daily compiling, and the end-of-month process has been reduced to less than a day."
Mid-Cape Home Centers, South Dennis, MA
  "Document Imaging has reduced form, storage and labor cost while increasing staff productivity. The software is easy to use, requiring minimum time to train users. We use the system to store not only customer information, but vendor/purchasing and check information. Ask any user in the company to give up Document Imaging and without a doubt, the response will be 'no way.'

"Fast and easier retrieval of invoices and delivery documents has greatly improved customer service in our credit and delivery areas. Last year we added customer web access to our system. Web access allows customers with an access code to retrieve needed copies of invoices or delivery tickets instead of calling Credit or Accounts Receivable."
Home Lumber, Houston, TX
  "Your product is an amazing time saver! Usually when I print this report, I have to go to a different office where the printer is, change the paper, come back to my office, print for about 20-25 minutes, go back to the other office, change paper back again, then get a binder for storing the report, and file it away. Since you got that report set up for me, I can sit at my desk and do the whole thing in about 4 minutes!"
Dakota Craft, Rapid City, SD