Business to Business Data Conversion Services

ITG provides a variety of business to business data services. In today's computing environment, with multi-server issues, cloud issues, data streaming issues, and more, there is a growing need for data services to seamlessly pipe data from one computer system to another.

Since 1987, ITG has been providing seamless, end-to-end data conversion and data mapping services to clients all across the country. We have the ability to capture data from most sources, re-format or re-map the data as necessary, and pipe it on to the recipient network in the required format.

We work extensively with mobile application providers, to capture customer signatures at the time of delivery. We also provide a variety of EDI schema creation and EDI data transmission services to a variety of transportation and delivery companies.

ITG Can Help With:
Creation of EDI Schema
Real-time EDI Transmissions and Receipts
XML, (S)FTP,and Enterprise Data Transport Systems
Data Pipelines Between Networks and Business Systems
Electronic Signature Capture
Data and Signature Capture from Mobile Applications
Business Process Integration
Document Image Capture and Storage

We have cost-effective, ready-to-deploy solutions for a wide range of common integration needs, and can often adapt such solutions to more specific situations, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients. Please give us a call at (949) 727-2001. We look forward to working with you.