Airport Management Technology Tools

ITG provides a set of powerful technology tools for airport management. The service is completely cloud-based, so there is no hardware or software to support.

When you are in the office, all your files are available on your desktop. When you are out of the office, all your files are available on your mobile device. Your files are always available, no matter where you are!

Features include the ability to archive, search for, retrieve, and share documents of virtually any type or size. Adding new documents is a simple a "dragging and dropping" them. This includes in-bound emails, FAA documents, grant requests, master plans, air service studies, wildlife management projects, tenant issues, and much more.

Benefits include reducing the amount of paper stored in the office, creating secure archival backup copies of important documents, being able to access the documents on mobile devices when away from the office, and the ability to quickly share documents with other users. Powerful encryption and security tools ensure that only authorized users have access to the documents.

Currently available modules include:
Documents - manage, store, retrieve, and share documents of all types and sizes
Email - search for email messages by sender, date, subject, text within the message, or an attachment name
Security - control and manage security issues, lists of authorized personnel, violation tracking, and more
People - track people, authorizations, permissions, assigned tasks, time spent on tasks
Maintenance - manage both scheduled and unscheduled tasks, from report due dates to major construction projects
Tenants - manage tenanat leases, contact information, billing, maintenance issues, security issues
Vendors - track contracts, billing, security, vendor contract information
Inventory - maintain information about airport inventory, supplies, parts, and more

We have cost-effective, ready-to-deploy solutions for a wide range of common airport management needs, and can often adapt solutions to more specific situations, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients. Please give us a call at (949) 727-2001. We look forward to working with you and your airport management team.