ACORN Archived COurt Reporter Notes

Why Should My Court Use ACORN?
Did You Know ...
ACORN was originally developed for the Los Angeles County Superior Court?
ACORN has been used by court reporters since 1998?
ACORN is used daily by more than 1,000 court reporters?
ACORN is used by 23 of the 25 largest Superior Courts in California?
ACORN is used by more courts and by more court reporters than any other program?
ACORN is available to all types of courts in every state?
ACORN requires NO new hardware?
ACORN requires NO new software?
ACORN requires NO support time from the Court's IT staff?
ACORN is totally web based?
ACORN allows reporters can upload notes, dictionaries, or even final transcripts?
ACORN can be accessed 24x7 by authorized users?
ACORN provides an environmentally safe archival method for storing notes?
ACORN elimnates the need to store paper notes?
ACORN ensures that note files will always be available when needed?
ACORN has flags to indentify case type: Civil, Criminal, Juvenile, etc.?
ACORN has flags to indentify special conditions: Death Penalty, LWOP, Sealed, etc.?
ACORN creates up to 6 redundant copies of each file to ensure data security?
ACORN provides the Court with quarterly backup copies of all files?
ACORN provides the quarterly backup copies on CD media or via a secure FTP transfer?
ACORN has low monthly service fees starting at just $99 per month?
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