ACORN Archived COurt Reporter Notes

Archiving is easy with ACORN.
is a web-based service for storing reporter notes, dictionaries, and even transcripts in digital format.  Originally developed for the Los Angeles County Superior Court in 1998, it has been in use for more than 15 years by hundreds of court reporters. Today, in California for example, it is used by 21 of the 25 largest Superior Courts and by nearly 80% of the official court reporters.  ACORN is available to courts in all states.

Solve Problems.  Save Time.  Save Money.
Many courts are evaluating the benefits of using video recording instead of court reporters. While that technology may become the standard someday, today's budget realities limit what can be purchased. Until your court's budget is increased, ACORN may be just the interim solution you need. Starting at just $98 per month, ACORN provides virtually unlimited storage capacity and instant access to the note files by authorized users.

The ACORN Solution
All note files are uploaded to a secure cloud server and stored in digital format.  Any authorized administrator at the court can instantly retrieve the notes.  Up to 6 backup copies of all note files are created on the ACORN servers to ensure data redundancy and security.

No Hardware.  No Headaches.
ACORN is a web-based service.  No new hardware or software is needed and there is no need for any support services from the Court's IT staff.  Access to the Internet is the only requirement.  It works with virtually any court reporter software program.  The ACORN service is available to the reporters and to the courts 24x7.

Easy as 1...2...3.
ACORN is easy to learn and simple to use.  Everything is done from standard web pages.  Training takes less than 10 minutes!
"Our court reporters find ACORN to be a very easy program to understand.  The reduction in time to mark paper notes and retrieve them, as well as the reduction in the amount of floor space required, make ACORN a Records Manager's dream come true!                                            -- Terri Edwards, CSR, CMRS, Orange County Superior Court Records Manager

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